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Advantage of blogger

Hello friends, Hope you are doing well. Welcome to my blog Today I am sharing an article about Advantage of Blogger. Actually, I love to use Blogger very much. Because of that, I am sharing this article with you. Really, Blogger is the best option, if you want to start a new blog. So read the full article to know about my experience with Blogger.

What is Blogger?

Blogger is a free weblog service provided by Google. If you have a Google account, you can easily make a Blogger site. It is so easy to create a Blogger account.

The advantage of Use Blogger?

Free Service: To make a blog with blogger is completely free with the great user-friendly interface and customizing options.

Very Easy to Make Blog:

Using the blogger is so easy. You can create a blog with the blogger in just three step. I call it a three-steps blogging.



Theme Modifying:

You can customize the theme with the complete freedom that word press user does not have. Word Press does not upgrade theme for their free users. But Blogger always gives you free theme upgrade facility and it’s always automatic.

What should you know to use blogger?

If you have some internet browsing experience you can easily create a blogger account.

Earn money with Blogger

BlogSpot is the subdomain provided by Google. Anyone of BlogSpot user can make money with AdSense. AdSense is the Cost per Click (CPC) program by Google. Anyone can make money with their BlogSpot site by AdSense. I will publish another article about AdSense. Till then, make a free blog with BlogSpot.

So it is my today’s article about Advantage of Blogger or BlogSpot. If you have any question about Blogger or BlogSpot please comment below, I will try to give your answer fast.


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