5 Best Free Movie Download App for Android

5 Best Free Movie Download App for Android

Best Free Movie Download App for Android

Today I will introduce you 5 best free movie watching and download apps for android. You can watch or download latest movies for free of cost with these apps. Most interesting things that you can watch high-resolution movies or videos with those apps. Therefore, Read this article fully and download the best apps for your android smartphone.

Megabox HD

This app is so much popular for watch any HD movie and TV series. Not only that, you can download movies or TV series with MegaBox HD. The big advantage of the app is every day new movie and TV series are added to the database. Download Megabox HD.

Movie HD

It is similar to the Megabox HD. However, the difference you can watch the movie in 3D format also. Download Movie HD.

Cinema Box

The difference between this app with the above two apps is that you can watch anime movie with this app. There are also “Kids Mode” for the kids so that Adult Movie and TV series do not show up to them. Download Cinema Box.

Show Box

Show Box just like Mega Box and Movie HD. Download Show Box.

Popcorn Time

The app will show the movie and TV series of any format through the torrent. Those who use regular torrents or have some knowledge of torrent may notice that when a new movie or music is released. Then it first found in torrent sites and this app is using that opportunity. Download Popcorn Time.


So it was my article about 5 Best free movie download app for android. I think you will not have any problem to watch and download free movies or TV series using these free apps. In addition, if you find a better app in your search, then you can tell it in the comment box. Like our Facebook Page for more future updates.


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