Today I’m writing an article about What is Brain Print Technology? Can the computer unlock using the brain? Nothing in this world is completely secure. It is possible to break any lock, it is possible to open the iron box, and guess the online passwords (no matter how long it takes).So how do we protect our precious things? There is a medium, biometrics-fingerprint, Iris scan, face scan, and now we are going to come in front of brain print technology which is called Emotional ID. It is difficult to break it by using one part of human body and creating a security system using its pattern. If there is a system that has different biometrics technologies that can recognize brain print, it can be used to unlock the computer unlock or any electronic device. You can say, this Emotional ID will work in a complete password form which will be a lot harder to crack.

Brain Print

The human brain is the most complex organ, which has not yet been able to find the whole mystery. We will learn to understand our brains as quickly as possible.

Techniques such as artificial neural network, brain-computer interface, mind uploading, and so on will be useful to us. Speak the heart of the Creator and tell us about the brain’s brains, everyone’s brain works differently (although the structure is very similar, the number of neurons is more or less). If you are shown a photo, your brain responds after seeing it and my brain responds in another way. Each of us sees something different from the brain that is why we have different talented people among us.

Fingerprint or Irish scanning is stored in different types of fingers and eyes, and the information is matched to the next every time the system is accessed. Just like brain try to capture brain fingerprint technology, according to the brain wave. The brain; whose brain is printed is inserted into one type of brain that captures brainwave from the brain. Some special words or images are displayed in front of them and they are monitored for their brain response. As I have said before, each and every brain knows something different, and then in nature, the brainwave pattern from everyone’s brain will be different. These brainwave patterns are preserved, and together the unique emotions are also preserved.

When the system needs to reconfigure the brain when accessing it, the biometric system then tries to match a portion of the user’s brainwave pattern, but the emotions are also matched here. Suppose you have capsized the normal emotions while setting the system, but now suppose you have attacked the robber, so your emotions will not be the same as before, and you will not be able to access the park or door of the house. For this, in the current brain print technology, people’s fear, joy, happiness and other feelings are preserved. This system will fully understand your brain and work in a similar fashion. If you try to access the system by drinking alcohol, the device will also have the ability to understand it. If you understand any danger, the system will not be able to access it.

Future prospects and uses

After highlighting the above topics, there is a clear connotation that if brain print technology is fully improved, it can also replace password, pin, even fingerprint technology. Last year a team of researchers from Binghamton University conducted a study and published an article, where they look at 50 people looking at 500 images and capture their brainwaves.

Although the expectation signals from the brain were very complex, their computer systems and special software were 100% accurate after all the information was saved and subsequently recognized. According to Binghamton University’s Assistant Psychology Professor, it has the greatest advantage over fingerprint technology. Fingerprint scans data once it gets stolen, it can cause many intersections in security, because fingerprint data is physical data that cannot be modified. But Brain Print or Emotional ID is complete digital data, it is possible to delete, modify or reset the system even if it is leaked for any reason. Once again, brain print is not a physical thing, by stopping it by force and bypassing the security system. If you have all the patterns, then emotions will not be able to match, it is a very critical matter.

There is a need for 100% accuracy in this technique, which is being imagined to use it in high secured places. We will never ask for the Nuclear Launch Code to go to the wrong person. In this case, 97% is not acceptable and must be 100% accurate.

If a fingerprint of a person is stolen, he will never be able to make new fingerprints again, because it is a physical (already noted). But it is possible to easily cancel the brain print and add new data.
Brain Print Technology is still in the laboratory, there are some more improvements. Since this technique is not yet fully ready to use, more detailed information about it cannot be found, but whenever I get some more information, I will continue to add it to this article.

The final result of the technique might be even better, maybe it will be possible to make more portable, which allows computers, laptops, mobile phones or even websites to log in using this technique. At present, it is a little complex technique, many things are kept with the head, and special software is needed.