Hazards of CellPhone

1) According to the scientists, the disadvantage of this atomic reactor is not less than that of the electromagnetic field. The slimmer the stomach, the greater the effect of their mobile effects. Starting from the brain tumors, the nervous system breakdown, a heart attack is likely to increase in everything.

2) By using mobile phones, one part of our brain becomes heated.
As a result, brain tissues are damaged. His response to Brain remains.

3) Dangers can be seen when using mobile phones during a storm.

4) Keeping the mobile in the pocket is more likely to cause heart problems.

5) Without the use of the earphone, you may have less hearing or even the fear of deafness if you talk more about mobile at the ear.

6) Infertility is increasing. Increasing use of mobile phones increases the risk of cancer or melanoma tumors.

7) Brain cells are harmful due to their softening. Scientist Highland showed that children are suffering from epilepsy and asthma due to electrical magnetic pollution.

8) Self-based self-confidence, firmly based on the evidence, Even like passive smokers, the person is not using a mobile phone but the mobile user is also being harmed. The results of the study of sandstorm and mild in Santini and Sweden in France make the speech of the cell self-contained stronger.

According to their studies, cell phone users suffer from various neurological problems of up to 25%. For example, tiredness, fatigue, reduced memory strength, slowing down, fatigue, etc.

So what will you do now? Will you throw the mobile in the water? Or follow some rules to use your cell phone? Actually the second is true. If we use mobile in accordance with the rules, we will be protected from many diseases.

Way to be Safe from Cell Phone Affects

1)  Try talking on the mobile phone speaker so your head is away from the mobile. Although it is harmful, not much, it is far less likely to damage the mobile than if it is possible to damage the mobile in front of the head.

2) Use ear buds if possible. These will basically help keep your head away from mobile.

3) Do not allow the mobile to stay connected with your body on a day-to-day basis. Or if you keep it, then see if the mobile antenna is not in any way (normally behind the mobile).

4) Keep the use of mobile as little as possible on cars, trains, or planes.

5) Mobile phones use more power than iron, and more radiation and spreads. If you use mobile at the car or train, there is a fear of being an accident.

6) Try to use a landline instead of mobile when you are at home. Remember that cordless land phones do not spread radios but less radiation from mobile. So use corded land phones.

7) Buy a cover for your mobile that will prevent cell radiation spreading somewhat.

8) Use a phone that radiates less radiation. At present, mobile phone companies are aware of health, and they are trying to create mobile phones that spread less radiation. The LG Quantum mobile spreads the least radiation among the mobile phones ever made.

9) Eat vitamin C and E rich food that will protect your body cells from being destroyed. There are plenty of vitamins in the food like chili, guava, papaya, orange lemons, strawberries, and red chili powder, pine nuts, cooked vegetables, etc. It contains Vitamin E.

10) Do not sleep with your mobile at night. Because the mobile is connected to your body for a long time, its effects can be very high in your body.

11) Notice the mobile’s signal. When it is low, the mobile is spreading more radiation, so before the signals come full, then call it otherwise.

12) Talk to the message from the mobile phone, at least the mobile is away from your head, and the possibility of damage will decrease somewhat.