Check Now ! Are Your Smart Devices Spying Your Everything?

Check Now ! Are Your Smart Devices Spying Your Everything?

If I say in a word, yes! All your smart devices are spying on you. Undoubtedly your smartphone, laptop, smart TV, smart speakers are helping you in a very different way; some have become a part of your life, so some are filling up your smart home. In the meantime, smart devices are spying all your information and opening the backdoor for the government. Your devices are always listening to what you are saying and recording any of your activities.

Every smart device that connects to the Internet with their own servers, everyone spying on you and then gives you personalized service. Think about Google’s words, keep track of each of your visited websites, record any of your search keywords, store your GPS data, and even voice commands to your Google Now or Google Assistant. Is stored on the server. When you watch a video on YouTube, what you like to look at, everything you know about but YouTube well.

You might think at this point, “What’s wrong with Google’s data store, I’m definitely not a criminal, and Google just stores data for me to serve better”. It is not about storing Google’s data here.

If you have any personal information in the cloud, it is a major risk. Think, in an environment where you have data, where you have no control over your point, you do not know what can happen physically or verbally. Any hacker can hack your data at any time. Again, your information may be sold to a third party, not just the point. In this article, I will discuss some common device, and how they are spying everything and how you can stop them.

Smart Speaker: Alexa / Google Home

how does smart devices spying on you ?

Amazon Smartphones, Google Homes, and Smart Workers are all working on voice commands. Each of them started receiving the command since listening to the hot keyword. Just like, Google Assistant is called “OK Google” and it starts and starts receiving commands. This means that the speaker will surely monitor your voice if you are talking or not.

What do you know about the BAT, Does Amazon (Alexa) records all your stuff and send it to the cloud? Yes, Alex is recording every second of your life, and it is possible to access them from the Amazon Cloud. Admittedly you are not a criminal, but you will also record what Alexa has told you with your wife in the living room, now think how private these things are, and how much risk they are stored in the cloud!

How to find Alexa Recording?

  1. Go to the Amazon device.
  2. Now select your echo (smart speaker)
  3. Select Manage Recording

Here you will find your entire recording database, just delete all the files. The next step will be to mute the Just Alexa or Google Home Mike.

When you are not using this virtual assistant, the microphone will be the best solution. Both Alexa and Google Home have a physical button; just keep the mic off by pressing it.

Smart TV

how does smart devices spying on you ?

Some smart TVs have a microphone and some smart TV remote control has a microphone for voice commands. Therefore, your voice may be sound like this, but smart TVs are especially spotted metadata.  Smart TVs must be connected to the Internet. These TVs watch your viewing habits and show you targeted ads.  According to a study by Visio, a TV band, it has sold users’ data without permission. If you do not want your TV to be smart enough, then keep the privacy of your TV according to your needs.

Think before purchasing a smart TV, you really have the need to buy a smart TV, or are you thinking of buying smart TVs running just behind the technology. If a webcam is installed on your TV, it can easily hack any hacker. Think, a person with a TV’s webcam can always keep an eye on your house.


how does smart devices spying on you ?

Your computer is the smartest device and it is virtually possible to do almost any work. And it is easier to hack a computer than to different devices. Google, Microsoft, and Facebook always track all the personal data from your computer. After that, you have always been aware of the security articles, how many ways your computer is infected with malware. The microphone or webcam that is fitted with your computer can cause a huge surge of risk. I have described this in a detailed article about How Malware Affected you Computer.

I have already published articles on computer security. Of course, use a good antivirus program and keep it up to date regularly. Use the secondary antimalware tool. Sprinkle the tape on the webcam when necessary, or keep unplug from the computer.

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