Difference Between Brain and Internet | Internet Vs Brain

Difference Between Brain and the Internet

Do you have those questions in your mind, what’s the comparison between the Internet and the brains of the people? What will be the result of this comparison? Why is the Internet so powerful? If yes, This article is for you. Let’s discuss Difference Between Brain and the Internet.

Because it is not a computer or an application, a large network of million computers is the Internet; the brain structure is much like this. To understand the importance of the whole subject, we must first know the details of the human brain connection and the core of the core connection.

If we talk about our connection system in the brain, then our brain is made up of two hemispheres, meaning that we have two physical parts of the brain that are connected to each other by the parallel cable called Corpus Callosum. Each hemisphere is divided into four regions, which are called lobes.

According to neuroscientists, these different regions of the brains carry different behaviors. Some lobes process is actions, some lobe is used for memory, and again a lobe helps to process eye-catching optical data, some lobe processes our knowledge, feelings, etc. Generally, right-brain and left-brain-where the right-hand brain is more creative and the left-hand brain is logical. However, if you want to explain more things, you will get confused very quickly, because science is a lot of confusing things, and I want to tell you everything in simple examples. We know that our brain has different parts and they employ themselves in different required processes, and every brain part is connected to each other.

Come to our main discussion Internet vs. brain topics this time here’s the most interesting thing about our brain. In our brain cells or those called neurons; they are each connected to others and work together in a complex pattern.

The Brain

Come to our main discussion Internet vs. brain topics this time here’s the most interesting thing about our brain. In our brain cells or those called neurons; they are each connected to others and work together in a complex pattern.
Definition of the brain, but not just a thing which made this whole brain words a powerful thing. The brain has billions of connections that work differently and work together to make the brain so strong.

The Internet

Now let’s talk about the Internet, the Internet is easy to understand, it is a connection system that has helped to interconnect millions of computers.

Not only the World Wide Web, but it is possible to do everything possible through email transfer, such as email, VoIP calls, IP TV, P to P file sharing, or other such applications. So who is making the Internet so powerful?

Of course, millions of computers or cell phones connected to the Internet or all the devices connected to the Internet are connected. If you talk about the web, there are hundreds of millions of websites; there are billions of links that are connected to each other. When someone sends you a mail, it does not come directly to your computer! Rather the mail becomes a packet (Fragmentary Computer Data), which can convey it from different computers to your computer. Some of them are computer servers and some are computer-based clients.

What was the relationship between the brain and the Internet? 

Each cell in the brain is connected to each other. Every computer on the Internet is connected to each other with Ethernet cable, fiber optic cable, satellite link.

Hyper link text is used on the Web, which links to a web page with another web page. Every computer connected to the Internet is not equally important, so not every website on the Web is equally important. Why is Google so popular search engine? Because Google has a special algorithm, which can detect which page is more important and which page is less important. Google provides page rank to the websites according to the algorithm and the search results are displayed according to page rank.

Does our brain work exactly like this?

Yes, it is true that the circuits contained in our brain control our emotions. The fear or tension emotions in us are controlled from a lot of complex parts, but our brain memory does not exist but only a part, but many different components are combined to create our memory. Our brains accomplish different tasks in separate areas. For this reason, if a particular part of the brain is damaged, its effect is seen on special work.

For example, someone’s memory may be reduced, but it can be seen properly, or the feeling of someone is reduced, but the memory is correct. If a particular part of the brain is affected, only the work of that part can be seen in the effect, but the rest and the parts of that part work properly. Just like how the brain works in parallel, the net or web works in the same style, if you hurt a large portion of the internet, only its impact will be seen in that part but the entire internet will not be in vain. Because has completed various tasks in different parts of the Internet such as Brain.


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