Download 10 Best free VPN service for windows in 2017

Today I will share an article with direct download link about 10 best free VPN services for windows. VPN means Virtual Private Network. We need VPN for numerous of our online work, like hide or secure our information. We spend a lot of time to choose a reliable VPN service.  Therefore, to overcome that problem about VPN, in today’s article, I will share 10 best free VPN service for windows.

10 Best free VPN service for windows

Cyber Ghost

Best Free VPN Service for Windows

About 3.5 million people are currently using cyber ghost VPN and proxy service as the best VPN service. Cyber ghost’s Android app has a 4-star rating in Google Play Store. Regular software updates and customer support make it more popular to the users. Additional ads are the only one bad things about this VPN service. Download Cyber Ghost.

Surf Easy

10 Best free VPN for windows

Surf Easy is one of the most trusted VPN services. Android application of Surf Easy is very popular. It is installed on millions of Android-powered devices. There are about 1 million reviews in Google Play Store. Apart from Android, it has its services for most operating systems. But, the Surf Easy VPN service cannot be used in Linux. Download Surf Easy


10 best free vpn for windows

Browsec is one of the most popular VPN services with nearly 17 million users. The Android application has the 4.5-star rating on Google Play Store. In addition to this VPN Android, Downloadable for Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and iOS-powered mobile. All is relatively good, but the only bad side is the additional advertising. Download Browsec.

Spotflux Lite


10 best free vpn for windows

Apart from Spotflux Lite Android, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and iOS-powered mobile are available. It is a reliable choice for any web browser. Through SSL, it encrypts your data over the network. The user’s IP address is hidden in it. There is no limit to bandwidth in this VPN service. Spotflux Lite claims they do not store any user’s personal data. Download Spotflux.



10 best free vpn for windows

5 Star rated VPN service in Apple iTunes is Tunnel bear. One of best VPN service. Tunnel Bear is most popular VPN services with 60 million users. According to the information received from the review, its user interface, customer service, and fewer advertisements have attracted more users. However, the bad aspect is that sometimes data drops and monthly only 500 MB data transfer services are available. Download Tunnel Bear.

Hotspot Shield

10 best free vpn for windows

Hotspot Shield is one of the most popular VPN services with 500 million active users. It has a 4-star rating on Google Play Store with a comprehensive positive review. It has a daily bandwidth limit. However, many of its ads do not like by users. Download Hotspot Shield.

VPN Gate

10 best free vpn for windows

This is a VPN service created by Tsukuba University students of Japan. It is very popular as a free VPN service. This VPN downloaded 1 million times, has 4-star ratings for Google Play Store. There are many bugs in it as many reviews. Download VPN Gate.

Total VPN

10 best free vpn for windows

Total VPN service allows users to access in three different locations. It is capable of giving the maximum speed of 2 MB per second. It encrypts the user’s data. Download Total VPN.

Private Tunnel

10 best free vpn for windows

Private Tunnel is a VPN service with 5,00,000 active users. The Google Play Store rating is 4. However, there are complaints about data drops and slow speeds. The user may face data crashes at any time. Download Private Tunnel.

Opera Browser

10 best free vpn for windows

The Opera browser has built-in VPN service, which is very reliable and best choice for personal use. They are the first browser to provide a useful service that is built on their own. Being a built-in service, it does not have any problem with ads.  Users’ opinion is also good. Download Opera Browser.


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