How to fix windows low disc space problem using software and manually?

How to fix windows low disc space problem using software and manually?

How to Fix Windows Low Disc Space Problem

Windows low disc space problem is a common problem in our computing life. Whatever we use 1 TB or 10 TB hard drive. You have faced this problem anytime. Today my article is about how to solve windows low disc space problem. When your windows start displaying low disc space problem messages, by following the tips of this article will help you to clear some spaces from the hard drive.

Delete Unnecessary Files from Hard Drive

Many tools help you to delete junk files from your computer. Using junk file cleaner software, you can free up to 2 or 3 GB of space. I always suggest, check your files manually. Then delete the files those are unnecessary. Just open Windows File Explorer and manually check all the folders, and delete your junk files.

If you use Windows 10, your operating system has a dedicated file management system. You can find unwanted files and delete them from this system. Press “Windows key + I” from Windows 10 computer, the setting will be open, go to the system from the settings and go to the storage option. Here you can see all the drives. Clicking on the drive that has gone out of space, you can get all the details of, how much space the data has been stored on the drive. You can access any type of file from here easily. So delete the useless files from here, you can free many spaces from here.

Use Disk Cleanup Tool

Before using any disk cleanup tool, I would suggest using the Windows Build Tool “Disk Cleanup”. It also helps to remove more unnecessary data including temporary files. If you go to any Drive Properties then you will get the option of clearing the disk. From there, you can clean up many useless files, including Internet Temporary files, Recycle Bin, downloaded program files, etc.

Temporary File Cleanup

Windows default disk cleanup is a great tool, but its features are limited.The default tool can only remotely remove Temporary files from Internet Explorer.

C Cleaner is the best solution to fix low space problems. You can monitor all temporary files and delete them with this. This software has many features that are more useful. For example, you can easily delete duplicate files with C Cleaner. Many times the same file system spreads too many folders and kills a lot of space, and it may be a great difficulty to find and remove them manually. The C Cleaner software provides Perfect Solutions in this case.

Moreover, if you want to delete any files or want to keep any files, you can also choose to have a dedicated option.

Old Windows Installation Cleanup

When you install a new operating system on your computer without installing the format. The previous operating system files are stored on your computer hard disk. You can find those old operating system files in a folder named Windows.old. The old operating system files kill a lot of hard drives space. By removing these files, you can fix Windows low disc space problem.

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