One plus is the smartphone company, which braked the records of the giant manufacturing company like Samsung or Apple. Even people called their smartphone as “Flagship Killer”. Because one plus smartphone company come to the competition against Samsung or Apple after launching their first device. Today I will try to explain that Flagship killer One plus Company Founding Story.

One Plus Startup

One Plus was a Chinese startup 2013. Founder of one plus company is Pete Lau and Carl Pei. Pete Lau is the CEO of the company. He started working as a hardware engineer in Oppo, but soon he was appointed as Director of Blue Ray Division of the Opaque. Then he was promoted to another post and was appointed as head of marketing for the top.  His progress did not stop; he became the vice president of the Oppo. Oppo N1 smartphone had a lot of contribution to the use of “ CyanogenMod ”.

Pete and Carl two friends dreamed of a bigger smartphone industry. They demanded that there are many bad points or weaknesses in the smartphone industry in many different ways. One of them is the premium price of premium smartphones.  Many of them had dreams beforehand to make their own smartphone company. Finally, Pete temporarily left Oppo Electronics in 2013. Pete and Carl started their startup Journey.

At that time, there were only five employees at the new startup One Plus. Just like some other startups, they talked about the smartphone and the experience of using their smartphones by sitting in a restaurant.
Although they were all going to work with Android, they were iPhone users.

When they started discussing the reasons for not using Android, the reasons were many. For example, bad quality, bad software and uncomfortable hardware.  And from this they will create a smartphone that they have bought;
Where there is good build quality, there will be all the specification and there will be good designs – but they did not talk about how much the phone would be. On the other hand, at that time there was no such good quality device as Android. These young entrepreneurs of One Plus had only one desire. They would make a great Android device so that they would not have negative aspects of “Why people do not use Android.” They later embark on their company and start the work of the first Android smartphone “One Plus One” did. Then when they created the prototype, they discovered that they could make a “flagship killer” at an affordable cost. This way their journey started!

They knew that the Android operating system has a big market share, but most people are more interested in Apple. Because Apple is the only company that deals with all aspects of their products. They thought that the Android smartphone makers at that time could only feature their phones because their smartphones were different from other smartphones, but they did not think of the user’s mind – what they really wanted.

They were ready to launch the One Plus One in the market, from the desire to create a cost-effective Flagship Keller, but they were not interested in leaving the smartphone in a conventional way.

They decided to launch their first smartphone, using a custom like the Invite-Only system.  One Plus uses this system to launch their first Smartphone.  At that time industry experts demanded that such a system would not work, but by using the One Plus, Invite the only system by showing them the old finger, it makes a brand viral – no one even knew about the name of the brand.

Success of One Plus

Success of One Plus

In 2014, One plus One became the most liked smartphone and by the end of the year, about 1.5 million pieces of One Plus One were sold worldwide. And the biggest thing was that these were achieved without any adverting.

Among the countries of South Asia, India is one of the biggest markets of the One Plus. However, due to the legal complexity of Micromax with the “ CyanogenMod ” of “One Plus One” in India;  Their next “One Plus Two” smartphone uses the custom ROM Oxygen OS. After a success, the One Plus took their smartphones to South East Asia.  And for this, they make a contract with Lazada Indonesia, an online retail company.

Worldwide, tech reviewers and websites have once again won the title of “Flagship Killer” after their worldwide spread of one plus two. Thus, the company gradually started to spread around the world.  Once the One Plus 3 goes out they get so many orders that they have to be sold until they are able to meet everyone’s needs. They have to say that, they have a legend within 3 Android smartphones.

Secret of One Plus

In fact, how is it possible for a company to come up with big companies in such a short time?  In fact, their original secret is behind them. They believed in sending smartphones directly from the creator to the customer, to remove other businesspersons or dealers from inside.

They are more confident to give better things to the customer not marketing. Due to the screening of the market cannot cover the bad side of the phone. Their claim is that a satisfied customer can take the company to a lot of time.
One of the other wheels of One Plus was the One Plus 5 flagship device. With the 5.5-inch Snapdragon 835 chipset and 6 GB / 8GB DDR 4 RAM, this successor flagship gets popularity worldwide.

One of the most revenue earning smartphones in Amazon India is the One Plus 5 In 2018, One Plus next flagship, the One Plus 6 bid budget, this device may bring something new.