Being safe online has become more urgent day by day. When we have to go online, we must ensure security as our personal contact, shopping and money transaction. You must be aware of where to question your personal information. Read this full post to know how to be safe online, and take proper care of your safety. If you are lazy or do not think about your safety, but I would say it would be the best you should be careful. So let’s see, how to stay safe online.

Protect your password to be safe online


The password is the first step of online security. Of course, you cannot share your password with anyone. Yes, you definitely have to keep your password securely. In the second step, choose a password that cannot be easily visualized.

In my opinion, use as much as possible password, at least 20-30 characters. Use special characters such as lowercase letters, capital letters, numbers, and comma diary semicolons.

Computer security expert, Bruce Scheier recommends using some passwords that you can easily remember. Then change it to your password. I am giving an example for the benefit of your understanding. “When I was 11, my sister was born” This is a familiar story about you.

Then the password will be “Wiw11, mswborn” like this. Hope to understand. You can also use a password manager without having trouble making or forgetting passwords. There is another thing to say about protecting the password, that each site or every online account uses a different password. Now tell me how many words you will create for each site and how many do you remember?

It requires a good password manager. And a password manager that is available for all the devices. Yes, you can use your own internet browser’s own password manager, but it is even better if you use Password Manager like the Last Pass. I am talking about why I used it myself. You just have to remember LastPass’s password.
All your passwords will remember LastPass.

Protect your email for being safe online

how to be safe online

Whether you unbelievably, in the era of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and text messaging, people still use email to keep in touch with them. And as a result, email is still hacked. So if you are an email user, then you should never forget about some security in order to be safe online and secure your e-mail.

Avoid clicking on any link in the email. Look at the link before. Or check out the email that comes from, then click on the link. Any attachments that come in the email will never be rush open. It may contain harmful software that can steal all the information on your computer or all your passwords may be aroused. So be very careful.

But if you have to open the attachment, then understand it well. See who send this email, whether you believe in him or not. I’ll share some more tips to protect your emails later.

Remember some things while shopping online

how to be safe online

If you are using the credit card to make online shopping, there is to danger of stealing your personal information there. So you need to follow some things to make shopping online safely and to avoid being stolen from your personal information.

Using your credit card, just shop at all sites that have “https” before the site’s name. The “s” of the site specifies that information between you and the website you are using is being transmitted through a secure protocol.

For most of the time, you may find that there are “https” protocols on the sites of various banking sites or shopping sites or sites where you are entering sensitive information. It is better not to enter a credit card where there is no “https” on the site.

Make your online accounts more secure

how to be safe online

Most of the time, when we login an account, first enter our username and then enter the password and log in to the account. Now, this login system is called single factor authorization. If your password is lost or stolen by this system, then the thief can easily login to your account. And it’s not new to steal passwords. So to be safe online means that your accounts need to be more secure.

For which I would rather not use the single-factor authorization to use Two-factor authorization. Two-factor authorization to enter your account, first you need to use the username and password and then a temporary code will be sent to your phone, it must be entered.

If your password steals in any way, it will not be able to access your account. To log in, a temporary code will be required to login and it will send to your phone, but luckily, your phone will not be near the thief.

Protect your mobile device to stay safe online

how to be safe online

To ensure the safety of your mobile device, but also to have a key stick to stay safe online. We currently do almost all kinds of online jobs through mobile. All information about email, Facebook, twitter etc. is available on mobile.

So, if the mobile device is not protected, it may be lost in security. Use the protection code on your mobile phone or smartphone. Keep your entire personal information safe by using a security code. Keep your phone encrypted, even if your phone is stolen, thieves cannot get your personal data.

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