How to check who is connected and using my Wi-Fi?

How to check who is connected and using my Wi-Fi?

There is a problem with the Wi-Fi network if your network does not have enough security system, then anyone can use your network without having any permission from you.  When someone steals your Wi-Fi, not only your bandwidth, your Wi-Fi speed also decreases.

Today I will inform you how can you check who is connected to your Wi-Fi network and how can you remove them? Please read the full article, it is going to be a very much informative article. Because it is the time to secure your Wi-Fi to be safe from thieves as well as hackers.

Check Who is Connected and Using Your Wi-Fi?

Check Who is Connected and Using Your Wi-Fi?

Check Your Router

After using standard security encryption and strong passwords, your Wi-Fi network can be hacked. You can understand by checking your Wi-Fi router who is stealing your Wi-Fi. Just you have to explore the router settings. Enter the IP address of the web browser. Sometimes IP addresses are or However, use your IP address.

Now your router’s login page will show, enter your router username and password. After logging in, go to Attached Devices or Device List. You can see all the IP addresses connected to your router in this list and the Mac addresses of connected devices.

Some routers may also have this list of IP filtering options. Just check it out. Now check the IP addresses of your devices from this list. Check the IP address of all your devices, your phone, your tablet, your laptop, your desktop. If there any IP address that unknown to you, then it is the thief’s IP address. You can block them from that IP Filtering option.


Use Software

How to check who is connected and using my Wi-Fi?

I know you are happy to see that “Use Software” title. If your Wi-Fi router is too old, then normally there will not be a list of connected devices list. The software can make this process too much easier. There is so much software.

One of my favorite software in this is the Wireless Network Watcher. Using this software, you do not have to worry about any setting. The software will start scanning all IP addresses in your range.

If you want to scan different adapter or separate IP ranges, then press F9 to select the option. The IP scanning process of this software is very fast and only takes a few seconds to complete. You can get all the information from the scan result. You can track everything connected to your network, including IP Addresses, Device Mac Addresses, Detection, and Activation. This Software also has a portable version.

There is much more software like Wireless Network Watcher. You can easily find connected devices on the network with this software.

If you see any unknown device or IP address is connected, scan your list with the scan list, blacklist it from the router and change your Wi-Fi password. There is a list of some more software below. You can also use them.

Tips to Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

The first thing, if you still use WEP, change your encryption standard. Must use WPA or WPA2 encryption standards. WEP has been possible to crack in just a few hours using Linux. WPA or WPA2 is a powerful encryption system.

Create strong, alphanumeric passwords. Obviously, it should be a long and complex password. Set at least 15 character password (I recommend). Use the lowercase letters, capital letters, numbers, special characters (@ # $% ^ \u0026) in the password. Do not make a password using words that can found in the dictionary.

So it is my article about How to check who is connected to my Wi-Fi? I will update it if I found more tips. You can also let us know your opinion in the comment box.


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