How to Increase Laptop Battery Backup

How to increase laptop battery backup

How to Increase Laptop Battery Backup

How to increase laptop battery backup

For easy portable facilities, Laptop is the most preferred choice for purchasing computers. An additional advantage of the laptop is the battery with these batteries can last for hours. Even in the load shedding! Do not stop emergency work on the computer. However, if your laptop’s battery backup is low, then you cannot enjoy these benefits. In this post, we will discuss how to increase laptop battery backup. Simple rule.

Reduce screen brightness

You might not believe a huge percentage of the battery charge of electronic devices such as laptops, mobiles, tablets. are consumed on their screen. You can reduce the battery charge consumption of the laptop or other electronic devices by reducing the brightness. Keeping the screen brightness 50% will increase battery backup. If you bring down the brightness in 25%, it will too good.

Stop Unused Features

Turn off the laptop’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and graphics card when you do not use it. There are separate buttons/shortcuts to stop Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on different laptops. Besides, when you do not need a dedicated graphics card in high-performance laptops, you can temporarily disable the GPU.
Here, common tasks such as writing in MS Word, internet browsing. can continue with no problems.

Keep the unnecessary apps off

Applications like different browser windows, writing software, screenshot taking apps, media players, Photoshop etc. are often minimized, which also occupy silent RAM, battery costs. Therefore, when you have to save your battery, keep the unnecessary apps off.

It’s our today’s article How to increase laptop battery backup. Hope it will help you to increase your laptop battery backup. If you have any advice, complain or any suggestions. Please let us know by commenting below. Like our Facebook Page, Follow us on Twitter and Google Plus.

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