How truecaller works? Read Detail truecaller information

How truecaller works? Read Detail truecaller information

Truecaller is an app for Android platform. If a number is not saved on your phone. But, you have truecaller installed on your phone, then in many cases, the app can show the username of the unknown caller. About 5 Million people use truecaller app. Today, our article is about truecaller. Read the full article to know, How Truecaller Works and others detail information about it.

How Truecaller Works?

How truecaller works? It is a common question and people search it about 1900 times by this word in Google search engine. Truecaller is not such a magic. It is a community-based service. But many people give information to Truecaller without knowing about it.

When you install truecaller app on your smartphone and create an account on it. It starts to upload your saved contact information like phone numbers, name to their server. Truecaller save the all information to their server. In addition, in this way, Truecaller show the number and caller names.

So, installing True Caller, all the contacts on your phone will go to true caller servers. If you think this will harm your privacy, then think twice before using True Collar.

If I search for someone on Truecaller will they know?

Yes, it is a feature of truecaller. There is an option in the Truecaller app that, you can see who checked your account information.

Truecaller uses data

The Truecaller app completely depends on the Internet to communicate with the server. It updates the database at regular intervals.

How to unlist number from truecaller?

If you want, you can unlist your number from truecaller server. For unlist your number you have to visit Enter your phone number and solve captcha then wait 24 hours. Your will unlist from truecaller. Before unlisting, you have to deactivate your truecaller account.

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