Three Unknown Amazing iPhone X Face ID Features

In 2017, Apple launched their new product iPhone X.  The most striking feature of the iPhone X is the face ID, which is an unlocking system for detecting user face. Not only that, this Face ID system has more interesting and amazing features. Today our article is about Three Unknown Amazing iPhone X Face ID Features.

You already know that you can unlock your phone and buy products from online with that Face ID features. Moreover, this face ID sensor can use to take a great selfie in portrait mode and add the new emoji features. But do you know that Face ID does more work in addition to these tasks? Due to this technology, there are many features available on iPhone X which listed below.


When you look at the iPhone X, the notification will appear on the screen. As a result, you can check the notification without touching the phone. Only the notification will appear when you (owner) look at it, if someone looks at the mobile, face ID will not work.

The Display Will be Turned On

When you are reading something on the iPhone X, the display lights will not be closed. This technology is not new to the smartphone world. Earlier it was seen in Samsung S3, they named it Smart Stay.

Decrease The Volume

When you are looking at the mobile, the iPhone X’s alarm and ringer volume will decrease. Because you are using your iPhone X, so you will hear the ring in low volumes.

Though these features are great, it is a matter of concern that these features will not affect iPhone X battery life. Face ID must be always active to use these features, and the battery is going to be plenty of drains.

So it is our today’s article about Three Unknown Amazing iPhone X Face ID Features. Hope you enjoyed it. If you have any question or advice, you can check on our Facebook page

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