How to Search on Google Effectively

How to Search on Google Effectively

The Information is the most valuable things in the present world. But, it is so much difficult to get the exact information in short time. Google helps us a lot to find information on the web. Yahoo or Microsoft Bing is the closest competitor of Google. But Google is the most popular search engine. There are some search tricks, which can save 50% of your searching time, and you will get the perfect information in short time form Google. Read our today’s article about Learn How to Search on Google Effectively.

Find Information on Specific Websites

If you want to find information on a particular website, just type; your desired subject site: site name. For example, suppose you want to find information about the Android on
You have to type Android

Find a Specific Topic

You can use quotes if you want to find information about specific topics. For example, if you only search by Amazon Echo Review, Google will show you 28 million results. And if you search by “Amazon Echo Review”, then it will show you 111,000 results.

Topic Specification

Think you want to find jaguar car. If you search only by jaguar, then you will see Jaguar’s animal-related links/pictures. That is why you have to specify the car. In that case, search by Jaguar car.

To get cache saved on Google (any site)

Google keeps the cache of various web pages. Although those sites are closed or the page is deleted, Google cache can be used to visit that page content for a certain time. The old version of the site can be seen by visiting the Google Cash online site. To view Google Cash, write cache: before entering the address of the site and search Google for all.

Example, cache: to see cache files.

Specific format file

Specify the file format to find a specific format file. For example, if you want to find a PowerPoint file on a laptop computer. Then type as Laptop Computer filetype:ppt.

Search images with pictures

To find pictures using Google Image, you first need to click the Images link at the top of the Google home/search page and go to the Google Images page. When you click on a drag-drop or camera button, select the picture and upload the picture and you will see a picture similar to the image you uploaded.

Whenever any search results are displayed, the images can be found by clicking on the images at the top of the page. But this is not always the right information to show you.

Find similar websites

You can use the related term to find similar websites. Example,


You can use Google search bar as a calculator. Example: search by 50+50, It will show you 100 as result.

Currency Converter

If you search for $50 to Euro, then Google will show you the result of the conversion of $50 and Euro.


If you want the definition of any subject, just type define before the subject name. Example: Define Computer.

It is our article about How to Search on Google Effectively. Hope this tricks will help you to search on Google and get the effective result.



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