With the change of time, we have been comparing our brain with different technologies – earlier clock, telephone, calculator, and now the brain compared to computers. Although our brain works completely different from all the technologies we have made.

We, humans, have been able to accomplish a lot of good work and are now running behind technology like Neural Networks and in the future, we will reach the deeper space.

But we have only one limitation, one fact of all creatures. Every living creature has to taste death. That means we die, and we are not able to prevent death.  Let’s think about the matter again and let’s do it.

Well, how do you say if you can create a complete digital version of your brain and it can be stored on the computer and after that, all the data can be inserted into an artificial body?

Yes, the process is such a copy all the data from a pen drive to any computer, and then save the data as needed or downloaded it to another media.  But human consciousness is possible to upload to the computer?  Yes, we are working on Mind Uploading technology with some crazy ideas.  Even according to Sir Stephen Hawking, we will see this technology busy by 2045.  Let’s try to know everything about this great technology.

Mind uploading or Immortality

Mind uploading | Immortality

Living forever – this is the main purpose of this technology, so this technology is called Immortality Technology. We have millions of cells in our body.

As for our age increases, these cells gradually lose their ability to repair themselves, so our body’s immune system does not remain the same as before, and ties home to various diseases and gradually we move towards death.
Now, to avoid death, artificial cells (which never grow old) and change our original cells to plant artificial cells – which are more complex technologies.

However, scientists have found another means of achieving immortality, that is, by breaking the mystery of our brain, creating all the digital version of the brain and uploading it to the computer and downloading the brain data in a body.

According to science, we live every living creature in our brain.  Everything in our brain, intelligence, mind, consciousness, etc. remains in our brain.  So if it is possible to copy someone’s brain (even though it sounds bizarre), but he can live forever – because in it his stance, intelligence, feelings will be preserved, as if a computer’s hard drive is cloned and you have to put it in another completely different physical computer.
Either you are using the same computer.

Through this technology, the scientists aim to get someone else’s personal life into a separate body and save him as a clone – who will work in the exact version of the previous person.
But the big question is, can we upload our brains to the computer, that is, how much is possible to digitize uploading minds or people’s consciousness?

Although this whole thing looks like science fiction or a Hollywood movie, a project called 2045 Initiative is going on to make this technology successful, and scientists believe that by 2045 we will successfully achieve immortality technology.  But what do we have to do first?  We need to create a complete brain backup!  But how can it be possible using any technology?  The Kenona computer and our brain work on a completely different system.  How is it possible?

Human Brain and Consciousness

 The human brain and its type of work are really one of the most amazing things in the world.  There is no USB port on our head, you can put it in the cable and transfer all the data to the computer.  Again, your brain and computer work system are completely different.  Your brain does not work in digital format, so all the brain data mining leaks to the computer.  Only then can any data be stored on the computer when it is digitized.

But how is it possible to digitize the brain? 

It is not a circuit or an electronic chip, but it includes feelings, consciousness, etc. All of these things are combined in a living and warm biological unit, which is known as the brain of our head.

The brain in your body is an element that carries the existence of your being and you are constantly explaining to you what you are human and what you can do.  The human brain contains small cells like 100 billion (which may contain between 50 billion and 500 billion) – called neurons and each of the neurons are connected to each other.
Depending on the pattern of these neurons and the systems connected with each other, you can process your information.

Everything depends on your intellect, consciousness, intelligence, etc. on this method.  When any information is processed, it passes through different neurons and helps you reach a final conclusion just like the Neural Network is done.

How does mind uploading work?

 As already mentioned, our brain is a complex, and more complexity is our emotions. It is not easy to detect human emotions through computers.

Although there are many technologies currently in the brain to scan the brain and understand the computer.
Depending on the technique of blood flow in the brain of a technology, a 3D image is created and a computer has been trained that it can detect from this 3D image that the person is looking at exactly the things at the moment.

But it is not so easy to detect what the brain is feeling now

However, there will be no need to brain digitize or copy the entire map of the brain, which can be called a brain map.
Where each of the neurons is related to each other and how they are working or communicating with each other.
But forget here that we have 100 billion neurons in our brain.

But to be scientifically and theoretically, it is possible to make people’s brain maps.  Already the scientists have been able to make robots from the worm’s brain map.  They created the digital version of the worm Braine and uploaded it to the robot by uploading it to the computer, resulting in a robot working on a complete earthquake.

The brain works on electrical signals and it is possible to combine these signals into digital formats – so that uploading the mind or uploading the brain to a computer can be done.  The earthworm has 302 neurons and each has 7,000 neuron interconnections. Scientists make a perfect model of these neurons and have been able to build a robot based on the formation of neural networks.
You can learn more about this by searching “the Lego worm robot” in google.com.

Theoretically, using this same process can mapping the human brain and uploading it to the computer by digitizing data from it.  But in the human brain, we need to work with more drawing-100 billion neurons and 100 trillion connections between them.  But to work on such a vast amount is really a lot of complexes. Once it is possible to create a brain map, it will be necessary to create another exact artificial brain.

Where 100 billion artificial neurons have to be created and one must confirm the connection to the quota.
Then we need to know how the new memory is written in the brain and how any memory can be erased or deleted.
After this, we can write False memory in the brain. So now suppose we got the ability to write the brain and write.

what would be the next step? 

Now the job is to copy all the data from one brain to another.  But the human brain or any brain and computer hard drive is not one thing.  According to scientists, all of our brain’s memory is about 2.6 million gigabytes.
Transmission of such a large amount of data is also a big headache.  USB 3.0 connection requires this amount of data to be copied over 80 days on continuous and Thunderbolt 3 connections will take weeks at a time.
Again, not only will the data plan, but also the brain’s propaganda map, through which all neurons can process these data.

Again, not only will the data plan, but also the brain’s propaganda map, through which all neurons can process these data.

 Convenience of Mind Uploading

 So far, we have been convinced that how this technology works and how far we are from this technology.
Now let’s think about the world or the 2050s where we have the mind uploading technology or the immortality technology.

What benefits do we get from this? 

Thinking about this technology, crazy more crazy to imagine what might happen after coming out of this technology.
This person will never die of your personality, that means, if your biological body dies, your artificial body will be immortal alive.

There will be exactly your filings there, you will have intelligence and all your senses will be there.  You can see the civilization of a thousand years later.  Your intelligence level may be increased by copying data from another brain.
You can be given Happy Life by removing all the unrest from your brain.  That’s just the beginning imaginati when thinking about its impact on the Earth, it would be an incomplete fantasy which cannot be described in this short article.

 Last word

 Many universities, many scientists, country government, etc. are working on Mind uploading technology and Already has spent millions of dollars on this project.  Fortunately, if you find the results of the scientists, you will see this technology as I survive.

So do you think, by 2045, this technology will be able to give shape? 

What do you do if you are immortal?

What do you do if you are immortal?  I wish all of you crazy all the tragedy on today’s Crazy article.
Go to the comment section below and describe your opinion about this technology with all of us.