Modem vs Router | Difference Between Modem and Router

For computer networking, Modem and Router are core components. These electronic devices can work together; sometimes they are place in a single device. However, modems and router are using in different terms and in different uses. As much as possible from this article, we will discuss the details difference between router and modem.

What is a Modem?

The modem converts the electronic signal from one network to another network. In simple words, Modem helps in connecting your home network to the Internet. The modem creates a bridge between your home computer and the internet. The modem full name is “Modulator-Demodulator”; that means it encodes or modulates the signal first in the telephone network, and then the information is decoded or dematerialized so that it can reach the other end.

Types of modems depend on your connection type. Suppose you want to connect to the Internet on your computer using the phone line, in this case, your modem will be needed, the Because modem will transmit digital signals through the wire so that it can carry the data in the same manner as the call or your voice can carry. After that the data will reach another modem and the encoded data will be decode so that ISP computers can understand it. When ISP responds to computer data, the ISP modem works as a modulator and your modem demodulator so that your computer data can be read.

Now you might say, I have no modem. An ISP or a fiber-optic cable from the ISP has come home, using it on the Direct PC or using the internet in the router. So where is the modem? You have a modem installed on your ISP station, and they give you the output Ethernet cable from the modem. So that it can be installed directly on your system.

What is a Router?

Router’s work is to connect many networks together and specify network traffic among them. At first, the router connects to your local network, and then the connections take them to different points. Many home routers have built-in switches, which allow multiple devices to connect with each other through a cable.And of course, many routers have wireless radio features, so that the devices can be connected via wireless or Wi-Fi.

modem vs router

Just imagine the routers in simple language; this is a partition that sits between your local network (i.e. your computer, laptop, phone, and tablet) and the Internet. Any information shared on the Internet can be shared with your local network and the local network may also communicate with each other. With your router creates a protection wall in the Internet and local devices, so your devices will protect from unwanted issues directly from the Internet. The router transmits data on the Internet in such a way that it seems that all requests are coming from a single device. Router detects, the data was requested from a partition, and the return data router from the Internet distributes the disks accordingly.

Use of Modem and Router

Without your modem, your home network will not be able to connect to the Internet. However, you can do local file sharing, printing, storage access, etc., without connecting to the Internet through the router; you can create your own internet using router.Routers are not required for single devices; your single laptop can be connect directly to the Internet using a modem.

But when connecting multiple devices will be considered from the same modem but of course the router will be necessary. On the phone when the data connection is used on the net, the phone’s built-in modem connects to the Internet, but if you want to connect the laptop, Wi-Fi hotspot is to be created; in this case, the phone’s builder router connects multiple devices together and shares the internet with the modem. You can use the internet by purchasing any router, but you must support your ISP when buying a modem. Dialup is a matter of modem but different, which is called Modem Dongle.

These dongles have network calling features that mean ISP is dialed to establish the Internet connection. But broadband or telephone line modems are of different types.

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