What is Public Key Encryption ? Public Key Encryption Definition 2017


What is Public Key Encryption   Before reading this article I hope you have already gone through my article about What is Encryption? Now let’s talk about the public key encryption. This method is quite common. And in most encryption, whether it is email or general message, or Whatsapp App Encryption, public key …

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Smartphone Battery Life Increasing Tips and tricks 2017

Smart phone Battery Life Increasing Tips and tricks We are always thinking about our smartphone battery life.The type of smartphone battery has changed a lot in the last few years. Although there is not much change in battery technology, its planting method has changed. Nowadays almost all modern smartphones are equipped with …

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Google Hit With $2.71 Billion Fine

Google Hit With $2.71 Billion Fine US-based tech giant Google faces face-off fines The shopping search result has been accused of showing their products upstream through tax evasion. By this Google was providing additional services to its shopping service compared to its competitors; Which is apparently immoral. On Tuesday, 26 June, 2017, the European …

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The information on glass disc can be stored for thousands of years “Superman Memory Crystal”

Superman Memory Crystal

Superman Memory Crystal The ancient library of Alexandria has a special significance in history. It was a collection of thousands of years of knowledge. Unfortunately, on the forehead of the library the sad consequences of the coalition. During the war, it was burned in the fire of fear of losing hands to the …

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