Never Lose your public WiFi security android Again

Public WiFi Security Android

You may use public WiFi in public places like free WiFi zone, restaurant, school, college, university or other places. But I know many of people don’t know that they losing their privacy or security with this public WiFi. Today I am sharing an article about how can you stay safe when using public WiFi. So read the full article about never lose your public WiFi security android again.

Use VPN when using public WiFi with your android

VPN means Virtual Private Network. You can hide your IP (Internet Protocol) address with VPN. Not only that you can visit many websites using another country IP with VPN. When you start VPN, not show your public WiFi IP address. Therefore, you can stay secure by using a VPN. There are lots of VPN in Google play store. You can also visit Best VPN for Windows 10 post on my site; there has some Android App also.

Do not save public WiFi network to your Android

When you connect your Android to a WiFi, your Android must save the connected network name in WiFi directory. Never do this job. Because the miscreants can sometimes be auto-connected to your device by imitating the name of the free WiFi hotspot and can destroy your privacy.

Take a look at the network name before connect your android

Many times, hackers are named the same as a popular WiFi network name. So be sure to connect your Android there and check twice before connecting.


There are some WiFi networks, which wants your phone number. When you submit your phone number, they send a message with the WiFi password. These networks are relatively safe because hackers usually do not sit with such arrangement. They may provide a network that does not require any code or password.

Use Antivirus App on your Android

There is the new way to disrupt digital security. There are many ways to deal with them too. If you use an antivirus, it can act as a shield for you on an unsafe network.

Keep WiFi off when not in use. This will save battery charges. And you can be safe from hackers. Hope this tip will help you to be safe and never lose your public WiFi security android again.

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