Reasons to change your internet browser Chrome to Firefox!

Which is the best for computer browser? If this is to say – then the name Chrome and Firefox will come up. According to Wikipedia’s data, 47-55% of people on Windows computers use only Google Chrome browsers. Mozilla Firefox is in the second place. Both browsers have occupied the vast majority of Internet browsers in the Windows Marketplace – and both browsers are completely open-source. Once called Chrome as the king of Internet browsers, Firefox users are increasing day by day. In 2007, 7.7 percent of Windows users used Firefox. Firefox users increased by 12 percent in 2017. This rate is increasing in comparison.

So today, we will discuss these two browsers; And why do you switch from Google Chrome to Firefox with this topic? There is no browser being opposed here.

If you just come from Chrome to Firefox – it will be highlighted on what you can get. In our world, people who are using simple computers – they feel comfortable using only a “reliable browser” on their computer. Many developers-designers can use multiple browsers for work purposes. Moreover, we all generally use only one browser. Analytic of different websites can be seen; the majority of visitors use the Google Chrome browser. It’s normal – because the Internet giant Google’s software is undoubtedly believed in everyone. But the question is, can I get more benefits using Firefox from Google Chrome? To get the answer to this question, read this full article.

Why are Firefox users increasing in comparison to the last days?  Then I should use Firefox for safety? Is Google Chrome really working for me?


Chrome extension will run in Firefox

It’s like the Android application that will run on the Windows Phone.  However, the Mozilla Authority announced, the release of Mozilla 48, Web Extensions will support Firefox. This is a cross-browser API. Which allows developers to create extensions, plugins, or add-ons for multiple browsers. So Chrome Extensions made through Web Extensions can be used in Mozilla Firefox.

For this, the Chrome Store has to be added to an add-on Firefox browser called Foxified. Web Extensions Support in Firefox this is an ongoing beta process, so it cannot support all Chrome extensions at all. However, it is expected that all extensions will be fully supported through the release of Firefox 57.

Firefox’s unique add-ons

There is a lack of Chrome extension. Google Chrome Web Store has more extensions than Firefox. But Firefox has some add-ons and extensions that Google Chrome does not have! And many of these add-ons are so addictive that due to them you will not want to leave Firefox.

firefox addon

For example, we can discuss Three Style Tab. This will convert your browser’s tab bar to the sidebar. Besides, there is another great add-on like Down Them All, Tab Mix Plus etc.

Firefox saving as battery

The story of extension add-on went on; let’s hope for hardware-software combinations. In particular, those who use laptops, it is very important to have a look at the case that the battery efficiency.  There are different types of battery software installed on your desktop or laptop.

Similarly, at the same time, it found that Google Chrome will cost 71% of the battery charge, and Firefox costs 49%. It is true that Google Chrome is a little faster than Firefox, but Google Chrome uses more CPUs for this fastness. And undoubtedly the use of more CPU means more power consumption. Because of this, Google Chrome is more responsible for draining the battery than Firefox.

A Microsoft survey runs on many Windows 10 computers shows that Mozilla Firefox costs 30-35% less than the average Google Chrome. So friends, if you are a laptop user;

Keep this in mind – if you want to charge your laptop less, you can install Firefox by uninstalling Google Chrome.

Firefox Customizations

Although there is an option to use customization in Chrome, it always shows an idle design. Icons can change; options can add or subtracted in the toolbar.

But Firefox can be even more! Even here, other browsers can also be used to add add-ons like FXChrome, FXOpera, and MX4.

Same with the ability to work

If said to the ability to use, then these two browsers are excellent.  However, if there is an important difference, then chrome costs more, where the cost of Firefox is comparatively less cost-effective.

On the other hand, Google Chrome is a little faster. But Firefox is not that slow.

Ram Usage for Tabs

The amount of memory used by Chrome and Firefox to set up 10 and 15 tabs are mentioned.

Chrome 58:  49.2 MB for 1 tab, 265.3 MB for 5 tabs, 533.2 MB for 10 tabs, and 748.3 MB Ram for 15 tabs.

Firefox 53: 116.3 MB for 1 tab, 376.6 MB for 5 tabs, 437.0 MB for 10 tabs, and 518.4 MB Ram for 15 tabs.

It is worth noting that, Chrome has spent less RAM compared to Firefox for 1-5 Tabs. Therefore, if you are used to unlocking more tabs, then you can be transferred to Firefox.

If you are used to opening fewer tabs, then chrome is good for you.


Google is a data collection company on one side. They keep track of all online activity of regular users to run their advertising. This is one of their business schemes. They get incredible data from Chrome for this purpose.

On the other hand, there is no such fear in Firefox. They do not look at and track any online practices of the user.

In this way, you can stay safe in Firefox. So if you do not want to tell Google about your browsing hobby, you can switch to Firefox.

Google will design their web and other technologies undoubtedly comparatively well for their Chrome browser. For example, their chrome cast is only compatible with Chrome. Chrome is more popular for mobile devices than Firefox that is why Chrome’s market share is relatively high. Most advanced web developers are more convenient for Chrome than other browsers.

With this article on Firefox and Chrome, you got a bit about the two browsers. You may be interested in switching from Chrome to Firefox; it is now entirely your decision. No browser has been neglected here. And if you dislike both Chrome and Firefox you can use the Opera browser.

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