Best 5 Ways to Stop Spam User Registration WordPress

.Spam user registration is one of the biggest issues of WordPress membership allowing sites. Which known as spam user registrations or spam bot registration. Today we will discuss 5 ways to Stop Spam User Registration WordPress.

Stop Spam User Registration WordPress

Stop Spam User Registration WordPress

Redirect Default Registration Page

WordPress Default registration sign up page like this Therefore, spammers can make a fake id with that link. An effective way to stop spam registration is to redirect from the default registration page to another custom registration page. There are some WordPress plugins to do that.

Use Google’s Recaptcha

We know about Google’s ReCaptcha service. It is very useful to prevent spam and protect the site from hacker attacks. This means that Captcha is used to prevent automated robots and artificial intelligence or computer programs on the Internet. To use or register a web-based service, the system can understand who is entering. There are several WordPress captcha plugins. Admin can easily add it to their site.

Akismet Plugin

This is a default anti-spam plugin from WordPress. However, many of user delete this or not activate Akismet after installing WordPress.

Email Confirmation

User email confirmation or activation is a powerful way to block spam registration. It sends a confirmation mail to users to activate their account. It sends a link with a verification code to the user-provided email address. New users need to click the link.

Most times, spam bots cannot penetrate this security. Users who do not confirm or activate email as pending users. As a result, the admin can activate them or delete them.

Manually Approving New User

Another good way to prevent spam registration is to approve new users manually. If this feature enabled or activated, new users will get the approval by the admin. Then they can log in to the website. In addition, the admin can delete them if they are doing spamming after getting approval.

That is our today’s article about Stop Spam User Registration WordPress. If you have any other opinion or advice, please let us know by commenting below.

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