In this generation of information technology, Google is the world’s largest database. All the things that Google knows about. Whatever the answer, the answer in the moment, whether or not the answer is matched by the answer.

But it’s not all about finding Google. There are some things to be embarrassed to find in Google. News and pictures of the shares share website’s nine reports of radiates. If these words are normal in English, users will be very embarrassed to find Google. For good reason, the words were not invented in Google. So let see the Nine things you should never search for on Google.


It is a nickname for an open basketball team in the United States of Orlando. But Google will never find it. Because the word stands for genital herpes rashes. So, if you search for the word in Google, there will be some crazy images that come in vomiting.


Not Crocodile. This Krokodile is a kind of drug addiction in Russia and Ukraine. It is used in the manufacture of chemical substances that tarnish the human skin. So the English Crocodile in Google’s search and description of the skin rubbing will come. Beware of finding this word on Google.

Flash Eating

Be careful not to use the Flash Eating word in a search. Flesh here means human flesh. So the search for the word “Flesh Eating” is shown in the bacteria and virus intestinal injuries caused by wounds in the human body. There are some awful pictures that come out.

Mouth Larvae

The first word was written by Google for searching English ‘moth larva’ on Google. It came out of the picture of different kinds of diseases of people’s diseases. Pictures can be normal for medical treatment but look to the general public.


Google search for Google is in vain. The word always comes with Google’s page where there will be another search system. It’s like a spin of eternity.

Calculus Bridge

It may seem to be a matter of the word heard from the word. In fact, Calculus Bridge is the subject of dental treatment. The term means to add artificial limbs to the teeth. Though it seems clear in the description of the word, it is quite awkward in the picture.

Own email address

Have you ever searched own email address by Google? It will show the contact information of the mail address with different websites. Many of Reddit users were surprised by the e-mail address. Many people may get scared that such accounts have been hacked.

Harlequin Ichthyosis

It is rare in children’s genetic disease. Diseases of the skin on children’s skin are seen in this disease. By the time of long treatment, such skin cells are made healthy. Looking for Harlequin Ichthyosis in Google, some pictures of skin bursts are seen, it is quite a matter of note.


Your symptoms

Have been sick with the disease, go to the doctor. Do not go to Google to find out about the disease. The pictures and descriptions of the disease, which are not unnatural enough to get sick once again