Websites: Revolution Classified

The journey of civilization has faced many difficulties through the decades. If we take only the ‘Ups,’ the introduction of the internet is a revolutionary one. People of almost every nook and corner have had a sweet taste of it. The Internet also has a long history to reach this era and the most remarkable development is Website. Basically, a bunch of web pages creates a site. The web pages usually stores contents that supports multimedia and we can identify them with a domain name.

Features and Uses

Before the launch of World Wide Web, the informality of websites kept the distance between it and most of the people. But when it started to be included in both the government and the private agencies, the fate changed drastically. Many companies started their journey having it as the base and succeeded. The Government organizations also became very much dependent on the sites where they can get every sort of information and store data safely.


If someone asks you about the type of the website you are working on, you must be a little bit uncomfortable as most of us are unaware of its classifications. But when you find yourself in a technical company, you’ll have to know these. Though the variety of the websites can amaze you very much, I’ll discuss some of those.


  • Informational Sites: As long as the primary websites are concerned, Informational sites comes first in the queue. Design of these sites can be both simple and complex. You will find any information on these like images, audio, texts, For creating a website about your nursery, you may list up the plants, definitions and their price in the same web page. Wikipedia is an example of this type of site.
  • Writers/ Authors Site: This Site is compulsory if you are a writer. You can find the blog, Facebook and Twitter connectivity, the mailing list on this exclusive platform. The writer can post or upload any sort of blogs, biographies, poems, on this site.
  • E-commerce Sites: Posting some kind of products after purchasing for sale is the main activity of E-commerce They do make great profits by doing these. They usually develop mobile applications for the promotion and increasing usage of their sites. Haven’t you visited Flipkart or Amazon? I am quite sure that you have. These are the premier e-commerce sites.
  • Mobile Device Sites: imagine, a problem has arisen on your cell phone. What will you do first? You’ll visit the official website of your mobile company and will try to detect the problem. Here is the use of this kind of sites. You may also find many ‘multi mobiling’ websites on the internet.
  • Social Media Sites: We just step a foot ahead without these sites nowadays. Among all another type of websites, these ones are dominating. People can be connected with each other in several manners like chatting, posting, video call,

Final Words

There are many more type websites apart from these. But we’ve just tried to give you the perception of its variety. If you want to have some fun, let’s check out 11 Interesting websites that everyone must know. I hope this will fulfil your knowledge to some extent.

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