You must have heard of this modern computing and Internet era encryption. Whether it is safe to secure your data or to secure Gmail, Twitter Facebook account or to secure the saved data in Dropbox or One Drive, or to secure your phone’s personal messages, encryption is very necessary in every case. What is encryption? In today’s post, I’m going to discuss a lot about how it works. Hope to know a lot.

What is Encryption?

Encryption is not a new thing. It is not that we have only used this method since 2-3 years ago. We’ve been using it for a long time.
Encryption is a method by which when you send a data to write or where to write or store it, then it will be in a condition or form that the data you just created to send so that it is accessible only can do. And by mistake, if it goes to an unwelcome person, then he cannot figure out any of the data. This is the original system of Encryption. Let’s make the subject more clearly by an example.

Example of Encryption

Suppose to create a simple encryption, I write A to Z and in form “A” as “B”, “B” as “C” and “C” as “D”. In this way, I will write the word that I want to write in the front of the character. Now suppose I want to write “TECHFORLIVE“, now after the encryption of the above rule, it will be the word “UFDIGPSMJWF“.

Now the code that was created after encryption, if anyone does not know that I have used one of the next words to encrypt it, and then it will not be possible to find the actual word hidden inside it. And nobody can decode it.

So it was a very simple encryption. Now, what is the “key” if you need to recover the original data from this encryption now? The key will be to lower a character than what is written. For example, if the code is written in “U”, then if there is less than one character or it will actually come back “T” will come from “F” and “E”, then the original word is possible.
Now if I send this word to someone, and if the person has the right key to the word, then he will be able to read this word very easily.

So this is the idea of a simple encryption and it’s key. We have been using encryption for a long time. As for the Old World War, the various secret messages were sent through various encryptions. But the process of encryption in the digital world is a little different, but the subject matter is the same.