Malware, Viruses, Trojans, Worms, etc. All of internet and computer users must have heard it. Now, what are all these things? How can they make your system worse? And how can you be safe from them? I am going to write this post today on these issues. Let’s now know everything about malware.

What is Malware?

Malware’s full name is Malicious Software. It is a software program and if it enters your computer then it can destroy your whole computer. Now let us talk about where this malware can access your system. The most common source of your computer’s attack today is the Internet.

If you are on a malicious website on the Internet, if you download a pirated movie, if you download pirated software and games, if you click on malicious ads on a malicious website or if you have any malicious email, your computer may be infected with malware. Your computer may be infected offline even without online. If you connect a CD, DVD, or pen drive from an unknown source to your computer, then your computer may be infected.

Now let’s talk about the types of malware. It is mainly seen in 3 types. Such as viruses, Trojans, and worms. These 3 are different things and always ready to damage your computer separately.
Let’s discuss the details of these virtual monsters.

What is Virus?

What does the virus do, it can enter into your system and make some fragmented and fixed files ineffective. Suppose you have a Word document, now that it may be infected with the virus, then you cannot open that document again.

Alternatively, the file may be completely broken or converted into junk. It may also happen that the virus can damage your whole word processing software. In this situation, if you copy a file or share it with other, then the virus can infect the other computer also.

What is Worms?

What Worms do, it usually tries to grasp itself. This means that if your computer may be infected with worms, it will create many similar files on your computer and make your system slow.

In addition, if you copy something from another computer, it will infect that computer too. And the same way thousands of similar files can be folded by making the folder of the same name again and again.

What is Trojan?

Now let’s talk about another category of malware, Trojan. Trojan is one of the most tricky malware types. Because it can enter your computer in disguise. You might think this is real software but Trojan can damage your system by accessing your computer. For example, many memory cleaners are available, after clicking on it that your memory becomes clear but it actually becomes memory and jam. Apart from this, Trojans are in the form of different antivirus, speed boosters. You will think that your memory will clean up or your computer’s speed boost. But once this thing is entered on your computer, it will look like the original, and your system starts to slow down. And it will not stop by slowing down your computer’s speed. Rather, it will make roads to enter viruses, worms, malware on your computer.


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