You might have seen Solar Cells fitted calculators, which do not require batteries to run. The sun shining on our heads, the source of a huge energy by itself, has been activating our energy for 500 million years and undoubtedly will be able to transmit energy more 500 million or more times. Solar panels can generate uninterrupted electricity from this solar energy. Not only calculators, hand watches, electric lights, satellites etc. all work from getting to the sun.

But how does this cell convert light into electricity? In this article, we will know more about the matter “What is Solar Cell and How it Produce Energy? “

What is Solar Energy?

The Sun is a huge nuclear powerhouse, in every square meter of the Earth’s surface; the Sun generates about 1,000 watts of energy. If we were able to catch this whole energy, we could comfortably use it our office, home. If we can plant solar panels across the entire Sahara Desert, it will be possible to meet the electricity demand across the entire world.

But this is not so easy. The sun does not send electrification directly to the earth but instead light and heat dissipation. Although light and heat are vital components for the existence of our life. Light helps us to increase our vision and increase the tree, so our food is provided, on the other hand, heat helps us to survive. But our lamp and light bulbs will not light directly from the light, the electricity will need it. So we have to work in a way, where this light and heat can be transformed into electricity. Solar Cell does exactly that.

What is a Solar Cell?

what is solar cell

Solar cells are basically an electronic device, which can convert directly to sun energy into electricity. It is seen from the calculator to the satellite’s wings, another name for the solar cell is the Photovoltaic cell or PV, which means the light and the voltaic is meant to electricity. A package comprising many cells is called a solar panel; here every cell is connected to each other. Solar cells work like a battery, but battery generates electricity from chemicals and solar cell produces electricity from light.

Photovoltaic cells are usually made of one type of semiconductor material, for example – Silicon. When the sun’s light hits on this cell, some parts of the light absorb this photovoltaic cell. That is, by absorbing energy from the light, this semiconductor flows into the material; this energy separates the electron and helps to move freely. We learned from the article on Light, which is the smallest particle of light, called the photon. That is, the sun always dropping a billion of photon around us.

Now if this photon is taken on photovoltaic cells, then each cell will produce some voltages of some electricity. And when many cell volts in the panel are combined, it can be easily given to an electric device.

How efficient is the solar cell?

how solar cell effective

According to the basic principle of physics, we cannot create or destroy any force – everything exists in this world already and we can only change it from one form of energy to another. That is, solar cells are never capable of converting more electricity than the sun’s energy. Most cells can convert electricity to 10-20 percent of the energy received from the sun. Another silicon cell maximum can convert to 30 percent of the energy.

Because, Sun has various kinds of the photonic wave on it, but photovoltaic cells can catch only specific waves and work on it.

And the rest of the energy is not used or it is damaged. Today’s most advanced cell can convert up to 45% of the electricity. The current generation is much better than the previous second and first generation of the latest cell. It is capable of converting power over 30%, with less cost.

Solar panels at home

solar panel at home

Solar power is really a very effective way to avoid extreme problems like global warming. Besides, the situation of electricity in our country, it is better to generate electricity in your own house.

The best thing about solar power is that it is totally free and it does not cost much to set up. Solar panels are fitted on the roof or outside of the house, and regular batteries are installed to get the power backup at night. A charge controller is attached to the battery if the battery is not charged well; it can be able to back up a lot better.

When the battery is once charged, the controller does not flush out the battery from the PV module. A major problem with solar cells is that the power from the panel and the battery comes directly to DC or Direct Current. But any TV or Fan, including any AC or Alternative Current need to run almost any machinery; So an inverter is installed that turns DC into AC.

Most Inverter works automatically. However, some of today’s latest solar modules named AC Modules; where the inverters are in the built-in.

Moreover, there is a need to install solar panels in front of the Sun in front of the sun. To set up a complete solar power system in your home, I will advise you to hire a licensed electrician, your work will be perfect, with the power to enjoy electricity in the next 15-20 years.