10 Common Whatsapp Question and Answer

Welcome to our new article Whatsapp Question and Answer. Today we will discuss 10 most common question about WhatsApp and try to give their Answers. Read the full article, hope it will help you to find some awesome answer about WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Question and Answer

Question No 1:  I have changed my phone, how can I get my WhatsApp history to my new phone?

Answer: If you change the smartphone, then you can take the previous phone’s chatting history on the new phone. Copy the entire chat history to external memory like Micro SD card. To do this, go to Menu > Settings > Chat Settings > Backup Conversation. Install the Micro SD card to your new phone and restore the conversation.

Question No 2: I do not want to let my friends know when I was online.is it possible?

Answer: Yes, it is possible. To turn off just go to privacy setting.


Question No 3:  How can I understand, When my friends saw my message?

Answer:  If chat window remains blue, it means that your message has seen.


Question No 4: How can I lock my WhatsApp chat on android?

Answer: You can easily lock your WhatsApp chat on android with app lock or smart lock.


Question No 5:  How can use WhatsApp on PC?

Answer: If you have the Chrome browser on your computer, you can use WhatsApp on the web. For this, go to the app’s web browser and scan the QR code from the menu. Now you can chat like the smartphone.


Question No 6:  How can stop getting Whatsapp photos in the gallery?

Answer: If you do not want to get your WhatsApp photos in the gallery, just go to Settings > Privacy > Photos and turn of WhatsApp there.


Question No 7:  How to mute annoying group conversation?

Answer: Some group convergence became very painful.

If you using an iPhone, go to group chat option and go to the group info screen. Tap the Mute button there.

For Android open chat and tap the mute button. There you can tick the notification of show notifications.


Question No 8:  How to get back deleted messages?

Answer: To restore the deleted message, just reinstall WhatsApp on your device. When you begin to restore it show you a question about message restore. That’s it.


Question No 9: How to make a chat shortcut on Android?

Answer: Just make shortcuts for the everyday chat on Android.

Hold down the question mark in chat. Then select Add Conversation Shortcuts.


Question 10: How can send a large message?

Answer: You can send a large message to someone personally.You can get private messages from the New Broadcast option on the Android menu. Tap the broadcast screen of the chat screen in iOS.Then tap the new list and select the person you want to send.

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